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In 2014 the export of Chinese shoes increased

According to the China, General Administration of customs statistics,in 2014 January ~ October cumulative Chinese footwear products export quantity is 4,110,000 tons, the amount of ,940,000,000, growth of 6.5% and 13.8% respectively over the same period a year earlier; although the volume of exports of footwear products increased, but the export unit price is not high, corporate profits decline. That chamber of Commerce for import and export China arts and crafts, footwear exports increased for two reasons, one is several months near the end of the year is the export of footwear products of the season, on the other hand, many enterprises to recover, substantial growth in export orders. As for the export unit price is not high, enterprise reaction since 2013, the export of footwear products price all the way down, down 3%, while raw materials and artificial cost is synchronous increases, profits this year may drop 5%, operating profit space narrowing.