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Spring-Energized Seal facilitates placement in solid glands

the recently developed Turcon Variseal SA. Using a solution based on PTFE sealing glands solid suitable for aerospace engineers preferred. This seal provides for easy installation combined with a high temperature performance, chemical resistance and low friction, which is suitable for high frequency applications.

To house seals, aerospace engineers prefer the use of a solid gland, a simple grove cut into component hardware, to simplify installation. Slipper seals, which are compact in design, can fit into these without a problem. However, the spring energized Turcon Variseal is often a preferred sealing option, as it has a number of advantages in aircraft applications. Turcon its jacket, patented Trelleborg Sealing Solutions' PTFE base material, is capable of functioning in extreme temperature conditions and is resistant to aggressive fluids such as synthetic hydrocarbon aerospace, petroleum based, phosphate ester, and all types of aviation jet fuels. Also, having a very low coefficient of friction sealing optimizes the load, making it ideal for cycling high frequency of primary flight controls.

"The development of Turcon Variseal SA represents a significant product, providing real benefits to our customers," says Antonio Garcia, Aerospace Segment Manager, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas. "It expands the use of Turcon Variseal in aerospace applications and, as it can directly replace slipper seals or O-rings in standard grooves, it can give improved performance in existing housings."

During installation on a solid gland, seals must be substantially compressed. Due to the configuration of the lip of the Turcon Variseal, the energizer spring inside it tends to flare out its jacket. This makes installation very difficult without a split gland, especially in small diameter housing. The problem is solved with Turcon Variseal SA, which is specially designed for closed glands. Its unique Slantcoil spring is not susceptible to deformation by compression and deformation can accommodate more than other springs during installation. While providing all the inherent capabilities of a Turcon Variseal the Turcon Variseal SA fits your system, even in the smallest diameter Mil-G-5514F glands.